Helping Hyperactive Children’s


What Will You Learn In The Workshop?
1. How to Identify Hyperactive Children
2. How to Identify Special Needs in Your Child
3. How to Plan Inclusive Learning (No Child is Left Out)
4. 7 Step Complete Roadmap to Improve Your Student’s Behaviour
5. How to Get Your Students to Follow Instructions
6. How to Communicate So Your Students Listen & Respect You

1. Understand the Student Profile Better
2. Identify if the Child has Special Needs
3. Help Your Students Become Calmer & Less Hyperactive
4. Help Your Student Focus and Improve Concentration
5. Improve Your Teaching Style

1. Daily Food Plan (Complete Nutrition & Menu for Brain Foods)
2. Daily Routine (Brain Boosting schedule for High Performing Toddlers)
3. Detailed & Step By Step Notes for the Session. (Soft Copy)



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